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Granular data on shared mobility services

3+ years

historical data

2.6m+ trips

analysed per day

4 modes

Bikes, scooters, mopeds & cars
available via
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Quantitative data

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Monthly recap

Get the big picture with a monthly extract of total trips, trip distance, available vehicles (per day or month).

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Daily figures

Access high-level data on available vehicles, vehicles used and the number of trips taken.

icon of 'App statistics'
App statistics

Understand operator performance across markets with app downloads, power, user ratings and more.

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Geospatial data

icon of 'Dropped vehicles'
Dropped vehicles

Identify where new, fully charged vehicles arrive in a specific area in a city of your choice. Available for bikes, scooters and mopeds.

icon of 'Available vehicles'
Available vehicles

Dive into vehicle usage and demand with statistics on available vehicles within a given area (H3).

icon of 'Trips'

Access trip data from start to end including: location (latitude and longitude), anonymized vehicle ID, distance of trip (metres) and battery level (start & end)

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We do not provide datasets on cities where there is only one operator present for a given mode (bike, scooter, moped or car). This is because the operator cannot be anonymized. Only cities with two or more operators present can be considered for a dataset.

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