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Keeping track of all the new mobility services requires a constant monitoring process, a reliable and exhaustive data source and a complete set of analytics tools.

By providing powerful SAAS solutions to collect, analyze and visualize data, fluctuo reduces the time, efforts and costs to supervise & manage this new generation of transportation services.


Data Flow - Realtime vehicles location API

Data Flow Realtime vehicles location API

Exhaustive and reliable standardized data on free-floating mobility services (bikes, kick-scooters & motor-scooters) available on real-time. 60+ operators listed in 800+ cities

City Dive - Analytics dashboard

City Dive Analytics dashboard

Analytics dashboard for cities and mobility operators offering powerful data insights on vehicles, trips, fleet deployment… 20 European cities surveyed. Join the beta now.

Sprinkler - Affiliate network

Sprinkler Affiliate network

Mobility operators : boost your number of download, end-users & rides thanks to our Affiliate Network specialized in GPS / Maps / Navigation / Transports services.


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fluctuō (present infinitive fluctuāre, perfect active fluctuāvī, supine fluctuātum); first conjugation

  • I surge, swell, undulate
  • I fluctuate, vacillate
  • I am restless