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Europe’s leading aggregator of shared mobility data.

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Fluctuo shows operators and cities the bigger picture. Our team of mobility experts combine innovative data-collection methods with sophisticated algorithms to produce the most exhaustive and precise data on the market.

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A shared mobility intelligence dashboard
City Dive - City-centric analytics dashboard

Cities and operators use Fluctuo to dive into mobility ecosystems to make data-driven decisions on mobility strategy and policy.

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An API for real-time vehicle information with transactional capabilities
Bridge - Real-time vehicles location API

By connecting MaaS providers with operators, we accelerate the adoption of shared mobility.

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Exhaustive coverage of
180+ cities across 25+ countries

North America

North America

20+ cities across
the US & Canada

Asia Pacific


Preliminary coverage of 8 cities
in Australia & New Zealand

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Fluctuo is proud to support data-driven public authorities, mobility operators, MaaS providers, journey planning services, consultants and more.

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