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Real-time vehicles location API : 150+ operators listed in 400+ cities

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Shared-mobility data in real-time

By using our Data Flow API, you get access in real-time to accurate data from more than 150 shared-mobility services :

  • Vehicle ID
  • Vehicle type (bike / scooter / moped / car)
  • Vehicle location (latitude, longitude)
  • Vehicles attributes (battery level)
  • Vehicle operator (ie. Jump, Tier, Coup…)

One API to rule them all

We have developed innovative data collection & processing methods (i) to handle data in all formats and (ii) transform it into a single, easy to integrate, normalised, real-time data feed.

Don’t waste your time & resources trying to secure data from multiple shared-mobility operators. Just connect to Data Flow API !

Besides, our team of experts is actively monitoring the mobility industry :

  • operators (launch/suspension ; fundraising ; M&A…)
  • vehicles & hardware (batteries, docking stations…)
  • cities (regulation, competitive tenders, permits…)


Simple pricing, free to start


Start at 0.60 € per 1 000 requests

For large volume of requests. Degressive pricing.

  • Providers : all
  • Limits: none
  • Support: response within 24 hours
  • Service level agreement

Free trial

Free of charge

For demo and testing purposes

  • Providers : all
  • Limits: 10 requests max per minute
  • Support: basic

More detail and pricing simulator on pricing page.

Mobility operators : get visible online

We provide data to travel & navigation apps, getting your vehicles in front of millions of potential users.

Our partners rely on us to deliver aggregated and normalized data. They prefer to work with one single data provider rather than trying to get it from hundreds of shared-mobility operators.

We charge our partners fees based on the volume of data they request. On the other hand, we don’t charge shared-mobility operators or data owners for the processing of their data.

So get in touch with our team now to make your services visible on multiple maps & apps worldwide

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