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Access real-time data on 730+ fleets and analyze 78 million trips per month in 200+ cities around the world through City Dive.

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Fluctuo shows operators and cities the bigger picture. Our team of mobility experts combine innovative data-collection methods with sophisticated algorithms to produce the most exhaustive and precise data on the market.

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Make strategic decisions based on accurate data

Cities and operators use Fluctuo to dive into the mobility ecosystems of cities across the world and make data-driven decisions on mobility strategy and policy.

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Understand how cities move

Acquire geo-datasets to identify hotspots for shared mobility in specific cities. Ideal for informing decision-making for operators, urban planning agencies and cities.

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Use Fluctuo to display real-time vehicle information

Fetch the status of any shared bike, scooter, moped or car in over 700 cities. By connecting MaaS providers with operators, we accelerate the adoption of shared mobility.

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shared data

If we want to accelerate the adoption of shared mobility and drive carbon neutrality, we all have to pull in the same direction.

By giving Fluctuo access to your data, you allow us to report accurate figures on your service to public stakeholders, painting you in the best possible light.

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