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We help public stakeholders and private companies
to make data-driven decisions on mobility services & infrastructures.

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Fluctuo is an independent third-party data specialist focused on shared-mobility services (bikes, scooters, mopeds, cars). We combine innovative data collection methods, sophisticated algorithms and a team of mobility experts to produce the most exhaustive & accurate data possible.

Our products

Data Flow - Real-time vehicles location API

Data Flow Real-time vehicles location API

Accurate data on shared-mobility vehicles available in real-time.
150+ operators listed in 400+ cities.

Data Flow - Real-time vehicles location API
City Dive - Analytics dashboard

City Dive Analytics dashboard

City-centric dashboard offering powerful data insights (fleets, trips...).
70+ European cities monitored.

City Dive - City-centric analytics dashboard

Our customers & partners

Our customers & partners are shared-mobility operators, travel/navigation/maps applications publishers, mass-transit operators, public-transport authorities and cities.

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